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Szatmari counts
on Kreuzmayr

Szatmari counts
on Kreuzmayr

After a month-long mounting period, an automatic, continuous belt-drying mechanism for apples was successfully delivered to the production department of the fruit-processing company Szatmari KFT in the Hungarian city of Csenger.More than 6 artic trucks of prefabricated parts were safely and professionally mounted on site.
The Szatmari company is a renowned enterprise, which  specializes in the processing of fruits. The original unit could not keep up with the growing demand for apple chips. A further advantage of the newly installed Kreuzmayr apple-drying mechanism is not only energy-savings of more than 35%, but also a substantially higher production speed.

Sustainable investment
in Factory 1

Future-oriented in the sense of maintaining a clean environment and a diligent handling of resources,  the entire roof of the main factory in Wallern was equipped with a photovoltaic assembly.  „Our construction delivers more than 100 kW and ensures an energy savings of more than 30% per year“, reports the owner and CEO Ing. Robert Kreuzmayr happily.

More space for a
higher capacity

In Factory 2 of  Kreuzmayr Co. (Wolfsegg), an additional production- and assembly hall with more than 1.300 m² surface area is currently being built. In addition, a newly installed 5-ton crane will make the loading- and mounting jobs of large fruit-processing machines much easier.
Additionally a new loading hall of more than 200m² is being constructed. This will make the packing and loading of machines independent of weather conditions, so that in the future, all the loading- and packing procedures can  be done „indoors“.
This became necessary because the percentage of overseas business is steadily climbing, and the Kreuzmayr company wants to present their employees with optimal working conditions.
The expansion of the production area, as well as additional job openings, will ensure a faster and more efficient execution of big projects, and strengthen the industrial location of Wolfsegg.


v.l.n.r Vz. Präs.OÖ LW.Kammer ÖkR Karl Grabmayr, Ing. Robert Kreuzmayr, Ing. Johannes Kreuzmayr, Stefan Kreuzmayr, Di LW. Fachschule Ing. Walter Raab MA, LAbg. BGM Peter Oberlehner (Pötting)

When he purchased a farm in Hausruckviertel, Mr. Kreuzmayr was obligated to successfully complete the vocational training as an agricultural craftsman 
„It was my ambition to produce cider and juices professionally myself„ explains Ing. Robert Kreuzmayr, who can now add the title agriculturalist to his original education as a mechanical engineer.
„I am especially pleased about the momentum of my sons, who went to agricultural school with me, without hesitation, and also graduated with honors“, says a proud Ing. Robert Kreuzmayr.
If you are interested in the outstanding products of the young farmers family, please visit

Africa also chooses
„green energy“

After some long negotiations,  the Kreuzmayr company could convince a long-standing customer in Ghana to convert their gas-powered drying assembly to solar energy and thermic utilization of coconut husks.
During the daytime, the necessary hot water for the function of the dryer is now largely supplied by solar energy through the installed solar collector. At night and during peak times, the husks of coconuts (which can also be dried to tasty chips) are burned as fuel, thus delivering 100% renewable energy.
The remaining ashes are used on their own plantations as fertilizer.
The fruits dried in Ghana, like pinapple, mango, papaya and coconuts are exclusively grown organically.
„For me, as an organic producer, it very important that the energy production is also  environmentally sustainable“, ensures Mr. Patrick Wad from Wad African Foods ltd.

Patrik Wad, Ing. Robert Kreuzmayr
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