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Accessories for fruit processing

Rotating sieve

The perfect solution for juice filtration!

With this device, coarse particles and impurities can be easily separated from the liquid. The conical rotary sieve, built on a frame made of stainless steel, is filled at the front and ensures continuous filtration and continuation of the material to be sieved (puree particles) through the rotary movement to the outlet. Components and liquids that are smaller than the mesh size are specifically discharged into the built-in 150l juice collection tank. The integrated level probe ensures, depending on the level, the automatic switching of the following juice pump.




Especially for pumping liquid juices. The juice is gently sucked in and forwarded via the impeller. The pump is service and maintenance-friendly and is characterized by its robust construction. The flow rate varies, depending on the type, between 1000 L / h and 12000 L / h


Stainless Steel Tank

For intermediate storage of the juice after pressing. Different sizes available. The tank is open at the top and made entirely of stainless steel. A ball valve is mounted on the total outlet.


Hanging sieve for buffer tank

The sieve can optionally be placed on the buffer tank. It is used to sort out coarse pieces of fruit and prevents external contamination. Suitable for the tank with a diameter of 550mm.


Slotted filter unit

This device can be used to filter coarse particles from the juice. One filter can be exchanged without any loss of time while the juice is separated out in the other filter at the same time.



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